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is trying to do several months of catch up posts, so the posts below will be a bit out of order!

Leilani's dancing successes

Leilani recently competed in a dance elimination at Dance Blitz eisteddfod. It was open to all dancers, not just "eisteddfod kids" or soloists, so she entered the jazz and modern expressive (lyrical) sections.

She did a great job in the jazz heats, improvising to "Everybody's Free", but didn't make the final.

She did a wonderful job in the lyrical heat, improvising to "I'm yours" - with a few Dance-a-rama moves in the chore! She made the final, did an even better job and scored 2nd place! I was incredibly proud of her!

(I'll do a separate post for Dance-A-Rama)

This year Leilani has successfully auditionned for:
Campbelltown Performing Arts High - got in for Dance in year 7 2010
Westfields Sports High - got in for Dance in year 7 2010
Sydney South West Regional Junior Dance Ensemble

She auditionned for Dance in year 7 2010 at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, but due to the incredibly high standard of auditionees this year, wasn't successful, but IS on the waiting list. I'm proud of how she conducted herself at both the audition, and her disapointment at not getting in. Congrats to Holly, Talysia, Erin, Sophia, Alex, Jasmine and Isabelle from RGDANCE who all were successful.

Kaiesha's first RG DANCE solo eisteddfods

Kaiesha made her debut as an RGDANCE soloist in June.

At Holroyd eisteddfod she did her solo for the very first time, in a 7/U section. She danced it very well technically, but didn't have a lot of "oomph" or energy, as she was a bit nervous. It wasn't a large section, about 8 dancers. She got 2nd place, and that was the place she deserved.

Then June 21st was her 7th birthday. She had another eisteddfod, and this one was fairly big with 24 dancers in the 6/U jazz, including 8 from RGDANCE. We took cupcakes to share with all her little friends to make it still birthday like. Because all the dancers showed up, they split the section into 2 of 12 dancers in each.

Kaiesha was in the first half, and OMG nearly every dancer was so strong! The adjudicator remarked that they were so strong!

Kaiesha was phenomenal! Buoyed by the presence of her friends, and Mr Grant, she gave it her all! She was so strong and technical, but this time she also had the energy and pizazz.

She WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a great birthday present it was!

Decadance photos:

professional photos of Kaiesha in action

There was a fabulous photographer at Penrith Eisteddfod in July 09.

He got some amazing shots of Kaiesha. My Goodness! I had NO idea her jete's were that high off the ground!

The rest of the photos are on my Facebook if anyone's interested.

Kaiesha's recent results

Kaiesha's had some great dancing results recently.

Here's a bit of a summary!!

One August Sunday, she had 2 eisteddfods on the same morning: I figure she was already in costume, so why not?

At the first one, Dance Blitz, she got 2nd place (out of about 10 kids). But I was BLOWN AWAY by the comments made: this is what the adjudicator Clint Salter said on the microphone!:
my 2nd place today goes to a great technician. This girl has beautiful technique, technique well beyond her age. She has beautiful legs and great ability.
not word for word, but as I can remember lol.

Her report said:
effective costume
a super opening with great technique demonstrated
excellent flexibility in floor work
straightness in supporting leg on double pirouette
Excellent work

At the second one (Wollongong Spring Dance Festival, which was a MUCH higher standard and higher level comp) SHE WON!!!! 1st out of 15.

Again lovely comments made:
this is what the adjudicator said:

There was only .5 difference today between 1st and 2nd. Both girls were pocket rockets, it just came down to personal preference. 1st place was a lovely performer. I loved it!

Her report said:
I love your outfit.
A strong start from a capable competitor.
This is a great song choice for you.
A strong jazz technique developping.
Your teacher has given you a very hard routine that you have handled very well today.
Try to control some of your extensions.
I loved it.

Here she is with her MASSIVE trophy from Wollongong Spring:

The following week she had another local comp - Oh La La at Ingleburn. It was Special Restricted/Restricted combined. She was entered as SR as I entered forever ago!

There were 12 kids in it and again, SHE WON!!!

Her report said:
great costume
beautiful start
good choice of music
good use of flexibility
lovely routine, lots of difficult elements, executed well.

The same day, Connor won his tap with "Disco Duck" - he was fabulous! (probably because Mum wasn't there, he was with me as Darcy had Dance Blitz!)

Here they are with their wins

Then on the first weekend in September she had one at the Hills (@Dural).
It was Restricted and Open combined (she was still Restricted at the time of entry) and she got 2nd place.

I am very very proud of her.

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Leilani's 09 successes so far.....

I've been slack at updating my blog, so will do a quick post now and more later!

Firstly I posted a while back about Leilani's audition for Campbelltown Performing Arts High School, for entry into their dance program Year 7 2010. Well she was successful!

More recently Leilani auditioned for the Sydney South West Regional Junior Dance Ensemble, which consists of students from years 5 - 8 from schools in the wide reaching Sydney South West area. She was successful in that audition too, and now rehearses once a week for the ensemble, whose first performance is at a Sydney Swifts game on 15th of June!

Here she is with her friend Grace, on the afternoon we found out they were both successful for CPAHS!

Kaiesha's 1st RGDANCE troupe eisteddfod

The big day finally arrived after months of training, shoe painting and excitement.

Saturday 30 May 2009 was Troupe Day at St George Eisteddfod.

Kaiesha and Darcy were first up in 6/U Jazz Troupes, with "Ease on down the road". This troupe has 2 x 4 year olds (!) and 6 x 6 year olds.
They did such an amazing job! They danced their little hearts out, and when they "krumped" (LOL) it was hilarious!!!
They've only learnt this dance this year, so did a wonderful job to get 2nd place!

Here are some photos of Kaiesha in her costume, and with her friends:

Next up were Kaiesha and Connor in 8/U Jazz Troupes, with "She works hard for the money". These costumes were awesome! Again, this group have only been together this year, and learnt this routine this year. Another fabulous result of 3rd place in a quite strong section.

Here are a few photos from the 8/U's:

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